Whatever After

By - Sarah Mlynowski

imagine if there was a whole other world on the other side of your mirror...

once upon a time Abby and her family moved to a new house in a new town which meant, new school, new friends, and as if that wasn't already awful, her house had a really creepy mirror attached to the wall in the basement. as Abby and Jonah, her little brother, were looking at the weird design on the mirror, Jonah knocked on it and a face appeared or so he claimed. later that night Jonah convinced Abby to look at the mirror when her parents went to bed. when she examined the mirror everything looked normal. than she knocked on the mirror two times and to her surprise a faint face appeared. now they were getting scared. together they knocked on the mirror one, two, three times and suddenly , a swirling image appeared and pulled them closer and closer until they were both sucked in. Abby and Jonah soon discovered the mirror was a portal that when you knock on three times, sucks you into a new fairy tale that needs their help. during this series, Abby and Jonah go on many magical adventures and meet many fairy tale princesses including, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and many more.

lexile level- varies from 400-700

my favorite part

Abby and Jonah tip toed down the stairs to the creepy basement making sure not to wake up their parents. as Jonah ran his fingers down the out lining of the bumpy styled mirror Abby knocked on the image of herself and gasped as a faint looking face appeared for only a second. then together they knocked three times with shaky fists as a swirling image appeared. Abby and Jonah backed up with fright but the mirror was pulling them in closer and closer until they disappeared into the mirror.