By: Cameron Knipfer

What Is LSD and It's History?

LSD is a drug that can be produced in many different ways. The main ways LSD is produced are gel tabs, pills or tablets, paper and sheets, and as a liquid. You can take LSD by shooting, dissolving it on your tongue, or chewing it. It was first synthesized, or created, by Albert Hofmann in 1938, and was a mysterious drug until 1943. That is the year it's effects were known and the drug didn't take off for another 20 years, in the 1960's. After 75 years, LSD is still used and is pretty popular.

Street Names

LSD has a lot of street names, or slang, that people like to use instead of LSD. Some of these names include: Acid, Battery Acid, Boomers, Doses, Dots, Golden Dragon, Hippie, Loony Tunes, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Microdot, Pane, Superman, Tab, Window Pane, Yellow Shine, Zen, and more.

Uses of LSD

LSD is used by putting a small slip of paper on your tongue and dissolving it. They usually have pictures of cartoons on them. LSD can also be in the form of a tablet or a gelatin tablet. One last way to use LSD is by shooting it into your blood stream as a liquid in syringe with a needle.

Long/Short Term Effects

Short Term:

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Dry Mouth
  • Delusions
Long Term:

  • Addiction
  • Severe Depression
  • Fear of Losing Control (Or Going Crazy)

Key Facts and Statistics

  • LSD is the most-mid altering, hallucination drug available
  • LSD has many effects such as Delusions, Depression, Sweating/Chills, and more
  • LSD's main forms are sheets of paper, gel tabs, liquid, and tablets (Like pills)
  • LSD is 75 years and still a popular drug used today, made in illegal labs