Week of September 19, 2016

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The Cowboy Courier is a weekly newsletter that highlights the good work coming from Cigarroa's amazing staff and students, helps us to remember important events, and connects our extended community. Feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading!

Our Vision

Leonides Gonzalez Cigarroa, M.D. Elementary will be a highly respected school in the city of Dallas where its students, staff, and community feel safe, demonstrate pride, share a love for learning, and where all students leave above grade level in proficiency and prepared to make their way to and through college.

Our Values

Growth Mindset. Belief and desire to continuously improve.

Sense of Urgency. Acting with the realization that efficiency is vital to success.

Belonging. We are committed to actions that support a sense of family and community.

Commitment. Doing whatever it takes to reach our vision of academic success and a love for learning.

Respect. Holding ourselves, our school, our family, and our community in high regard.

Our Values In Action

These are some of the many examples of Cigarroa staff, students, and community demonstrating our school's values!

Campus Goal #2: Social and Emotional Support

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Dallas Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

Cigarroa is proud to have 29 trained staff members (the most out of any W.T. White and Thomas Jefferson feeder schools!) who have committed themselves to bridging the home-school gap and forging relationships with our students' families! Each week, staff members highlighted in this section have visited a student's home outside of school hours. Thank you for embodying our value of belonging!
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Welcome to Cigarroa, Ms. Torres!

I'd like to announce that Ms. Angie Torres, current Executive Director of the Carter HS Feeder Pattern, has been formally announced as the new Executive Director of our Thomas Jefferson HS Feeder Pattern! Ms. Torres brings tremendous experience leading a high-performing comprehensive elementary school (Urban Park ES) and leading all Carter HS Feeder Pattern Schools to Met Standard accountability ratings! Ms. Torres knows Cigarroa well -- her team and Cigarroa's Executive Ed team participated in a leadership team development program in 2014-2015 and also through a joint summer professional development series in 2015-2016 with Urban Park ES, Harrell Budd ES, and Cigarroa. She's rooted for our success from the beginning and now she gets to support us in her new role!

This was a very full and super busy week, yet I have been continuously astounded by the machine that this school has become! I was deeply impressed at the professionalism that was displayed as teachers discussed their TEI scorecards and as teams met together to learn about how leveling has impacted our campus and how we are going to put our heads together to make it happen for students this year. For many of your students, this week is the week when they'll take their first interim assessments -- wish them well as they demonstrate their learning from the first five weeks of school! The upcoming week is going to be another very busy week and includes a milestone for our campus -- take it day by day and enjoy what is going to be a great week of school!

Here is important information for this coming week:

The REAL School Gardens Big Dig is HERE! The big day is this Friday, September 23rd, and it is the day that we celebrate a new addition to our 10-year-old building! Here are a few important details (more in-depth logistics will be explained Tuesday afternoon):

  • The rotations for the outdoor art projects are posted below. This is a time for our students to contribute to their new garden!
  • We are still in need of tools, especially pointed shovels and wheelbarrows! If you have any tools you can donate, please fill out the "I Can Lend a Garden Tool!" button below!
  • Don't bring lunch Friday -- The Boston Consulting Group is going to treat our staff with lunch! They're awesome!

I am continuing to keep the following buttons at the bottom of this week's Courier:

  • Buckner International Shoe Distribution Entry Form: This information was due Friday, September 16 -- please complete this no later than Monday by Noon if you have not done so.
  • DISD Goal #6 Extra-/Co-Curricular Activities Signup: This is mandatory for all staff members to complete. This survey has been updated with information we collected from the first campus activities survey we sent during beginning-of-year PD.
  • Parish Episcopal High School Volunteer Request: Complete this if you would like to host a Parish student volunteer. So far, 27 teachers have requested assistance!

Leveling is nearing an end and now most teams know what they will be responsible for teaching this year. It is time to begin thinking about your SLO and I have included a button at the bottom of the Courier with a link to district resources for creating your SLO. When you are ready to submit your SLO goal-setting, please submit it electronically to your TEI evaluator. For selecting your students, follow these guidelines:

  • For self-contained teachers, you must address no fewer than 20% of their students in the SLO but may include all of them if they choose.
  • For departmentalized teachers, you may address 20% of one of your classes and this group can be a mixture of students from all of the classes you serve, but the subject and topic must be the same.

Mrs. Johnson and I will hold 3R goal-setting conferences for staff members evaluated using the 3R tool. Please look out for Outlook invites!

Liz Cardenas and the Sunshine Committee are still asking for membership dues! Please see Liz in room KD if you want to join! All monies go toward supporting our Cigarroa staff!

From Jennifer Mathai and the Dallas Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, if you make a home visit, please tell Quinton or her so that we can snap a picture of you. Also, please, please submit your survey using the button at the bottom of the Courier!

Average daily student attendance is currently at 98.1%! This is up from 97% in 2015-2016 and 96.5% in 2014-2015! As Vangie Cortez told you last Tuesday, taking daily attendance is imperative and TEA will withhold distinction designations for schools that do not meet attendance goals. Thank you for helping to get our kids to school! As teachers, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Take attendance every day by 9:00 AM.
  2. Follow-up with parents of students that do not come to school.
  3. Notify Mrs. Johnson, Maggie Sanchez, and Nikki Rotman of any chronic attendance issues.

Camp Khobi is back! If you're interested in getting fit with Coach Johnson, please check with him for details!

Thank you for your feedback regarding parent communications in the Wednesday folder! We will frontload communications and we will send you email notification of important items we need for you to collect.

Have an awesome 5th week of school!

Friday, September 23rd Big Dig Art Project Rotations

Here are the times in which we'll take our kids outside to contribute to the construction of our garden!
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Morning Routine Responsibilities

Morning Announcements

Yale (4A)

Morning Round-Up Visitors

Mizzou (2E)

Week at a Glance

Monday, September 19

Theater Troupe from 3:05-4:05 in the auditorium

Camp Khobi (Session 1: 3:30-4:05, Session 2: 4:10-4:45)

Hispanic Heritage Festival from 4:00-7:00 PM outside by the cafeteria!

Tuesday, September 20

2nd grade Parish Reading Buddies from 9:45-10:30

Teachers meet at 3:30 in the library:

  • REAL School Garden Big Dig logistics
  • Logistics for 6th six weeks extended planning
  • Counseling compliance training

Wednesday, September 21

PLCs during planning periods

  • Instructional planning for weeks of September 26 and October 3

Camp Khobi (Session 1: 3:30-4:05, Session 2: 4:10-4:45)

Thursday, September 22

College Spirit Day!

Friday, September 23

REAL School Garden Big Dig!

Cigarroa Spirit Day!

Boston Consulting Group provides lunch for staff from 10:30-1:00 in the staff lounge

On the Horizon

1st six weeks ends Friday, September 30

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday, October 13 from 4:00-7:00 PM

Elementary Fair Day (No school!) is Friday, October 14

Big Dig Tools List

If you are able and willing to let us borrow any of the tools below for our September 23rd Big Dig, it would be greatly appreciated! We ask that folks clearly label their tools with their names in permanent marker and masking tape so that we can safely return it to them. Please tell Christina Golden or myself if you are able to lend a tool (or two!). Thank you!
"I Can Lend a Garden Tool!" Entry Form

If you're able to lend a garden tool for our Big Dig, please enter your information using this form. Thank you!

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DISD Goal #6: Extra-/Co-Curricular Activities Signup

This signup will help us identify adults who will help make Dallas ISD's Goal #6 happen for our kids at Cigarroa!

Parish Episcopal High School Volunteer Request

Please tell us if you would or would not like Parish Episcopal High School students to volunteer with your students. Thank you!

Buckner International Shoe Distribution Entry Form

Please identify your student by name, homeroom, gender, and shoe size. Please complete one survey per student. Please also only enter information for the maximum number of students that Ms. Rotman assigned you. Thank you!

SLO Resources

The due date for SLO Goal-Setting is Monday, September 26.

2016-2017 Compliance Videos

Please submit your certificates to Mrs. Johnson by October 7. Thank you!

Home Visit Project Post Visit Survey

Please complete this official survey after completing a home visit with the Home Visit Project!

Cigarroa Library Sign-Up Link

(For 3rd-5th grade homeroom classes)