Renny's Melons

Kool aid and melons

Our shop sells the best melons in the world!

Generating ideas

In our business we will be selling watermelons and have koolaid for a drink. We will be working out a box stand on a square in small towns right outside of major cities. We will be getting our watermelons from local farmers and get our kool aid from Wal-Mart, Shop N’ Save, and Sam’s Club.

Things about our business:

We released our company January 28, 2014. The time that we have been in business be have been rising in communication from people talking about us and our sales has went up by 6.6%. More and more people have come to our stand each month.

Raising Capital:

Our money will be coming from sponsors. Also we won the lottery although it was a decent amount it still helped us get started.

Employee & Training:

We hire our employees locally. We place job offers in the newspaper. All the employees need to work there is a highschool diploma. You don’t even need that just don’t be really dumb and we’ll hire you

Employee & Training:

We just have a one day training but, we don’t really need to train employees to sell melons and Kool Aid because it’s really easy.

Maintaining Business Records:

We will be using google spreadsheets to document sales, profit, and employee pay.

Business Entity:

Our business is a partnership business. We will have more than two people owning the business. A couple advantages are that you can get expertise from more than one person and the other one is its is also easy to start up. Also our two disadvantages is if someone leaves/ dies the partnership is dissolved, no protection for personal accents.

Business Goals:

  • We will listen to our customers and hear what they have to say

  • build a good relationship with our customers

  • make $2,000 a year

  • get our name out there as much as possible

  • try to get 30 employees working for us within the first year

Mission Statement:

We are here to serve people... for say someone wants watermelon at a restaurant and they don’t have it. That’s when we come into play. We can serve them and many other people that may want watermelon or kool aid.

Organizational Chart:

We have kool aid and melons!