and we don't even know it

look in your pockets...

computers are everywhere you just don't know it! Every single one of you use a computer whether it's your smartphone, MP3 player, car, computer, hoover, xbox etc. without computers we'd have to wash our clothes by hand. We rely on computers to do everything for us without even thinking about it. Roughly once a week a new computer base device comes out!


You probably don't know this but yes, your smartphone is a computer system. Think about everything inside your smartphone, even pressing one button means hundreds of signals have to be sent to the main part of your phone known as the CPU (central processing unit). The CPU performs everything. Have you ever thought what's the difference between all the iphones? what makes the iphone5 so much better than the iphone3G? well it all comes down to the CPU. Every time apple brings out a new iphone the CPU gets better and better.