Edgewood's Tiger Talk

May 2016

3rd-5th grade students have email!

As a school district, Greenfield is working to improve its use of technology to support learning, and to develop good digital, globally-minded citizens. As a part of this work, students in grades 3-5 have been introduced to their own email accounts. Mrs. Lange, our Elementary Technology Integration Support Teacher, has worked closely with our classroom teachers to teach students how to use email appropriately. Here are some things you should know:

  • Email accounts are a part of Microsoft 365, a web-based platform that gives students access to Word and PowerPoint, among others.
  • Students in grades 3-5 can ONLY send and receive email from others with a greenfield.k12.wi.us email address. You are not able to send your child emails to this account.
  • They are being taught to use it to communicate/send things to their teachers and to collaborate professionally with their classmates.
  • You can log in to see (and monitor) your child's email account by going to portal.office.com and having them log in.
  • Log in: Year they'll graduate from high school + 1st letter of first name + last name @greenfield.k12.wi.us
  • Password: Gsd followed by their personal lunch number
  • Example for a 4th grader: 24nlange@greenfield.k12.wi.us; Password: Gsd12345

Raising children in the digital era has its benefits and its challenges. It's important that we're all a team in this effort. Let your child know that you'll be monitoring the account, and if you see any signs of misuse, please contact your child's teacher and/or myself.

If you have questions, please do reach out. This is exciting progress!

What Apps are popular with kids? Which are appropriate?

The minute we adults crack down on one app, a new one pops up. This website can help you decide whether or not an app, movie, or game is appropriate for your child to use. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ Go to reviews on the top left.

Classes Placements for Next Year

Soon, we'll begin the process of putting together class lists for next year. In doing so, we consider many factors, including student's personalities, their learning needs, and the overall diversity and mix of the classrooms. Teams of staff put very careful thought into creating classes we hope will enable all students to learn at their highest potential.

If there is something you think it's important that we know about your child in this process, please share your thoughts with Mrs. Boyd via email at mboyd@greenfield.k12.wi.us or in writing. Make sure you address the letter to her. Records of this sort are not kept year to year, so if you've shared something in the past that you think holds true now, please share it again.

EHSA Tiger Run--May 21st

EHSA is sponsoring the first ever Tiger Run, which is a color run. Wonder what that means? Check out this video of a color run, and get ready to have some good 'old family fun!
Big image

What are students learning with Mrs. Nolan in art?

K5- is creating beautiful Asian Cherry Blossom Banners

1st- read the book Elmer about an elephant that was colorful and didn't fit in with other elephants. From this we created large multi-colored Elmer "stuffies".

2nd- is learning about color theory. They're learning about Warm and Cool colors and Opposite Emotions- Happy and Sad. Colors have emotions in Warm and Cool Colored Clowns.

3rd- completed gorgeous Abstract Name Design and now taking an aerial perspective and designing vegetable gardens for Spring Bunnies.

4th- made Self Portraits made from paper show each student "Getting Lost in a Good Book". Portraits include both 2D and 3D elements

5th- is learning about creating optical illusions using value, color, space, perspective, shape, and balance.

What's Happening with Mr. Warnecke in PE?

Roller-skating has been a hit. It's been amazing to watch student's confidence and balance develop. Many students have shown a lot of perseverance and grit--great life skills! 3Rs Field Day is coming up, and parent volunteers are needed! It will be on Wednesday, June 8th, from 12:15-3:15. Please sign up to help by going to http://www.signupgenius.com/findasignup, typing in Mr. Warnecke's email, jwarnecke@greenfield.k12.wi.us, and then clicking on the 3R's Field Day Volunteer's list. It's a fun way to support your child and your school!

What's happening with Mrs. Michlig in Guidance?

K4--They're learning about teamwork.

K5 & 1st--They're learning about stranger awareness.

2nd--They're learning about making healthy choices.

3rd--They just wrapped up lessons on Internet Safety. Now, they're beginning the Drug Awareness Unit.

4th--They're learning about recognizing and reporting unsafe behaviors. Next up is Internet Safety.

5th--They just completed lessons on Internet Safety. Next, they're learning about middle school transition.

Dress Code Reminders

As the weather warms up, please make sure your child is dressed for success at school.
  • Shorts should be long enough so that if you stand up with your arms by your side, the hem reaches the bottom of your finger-tip.
  • Straps on tank tops should be at least 2 inches wide.
  • Sandals without heels are not advised; children run at recess and are in close proximity in the classroom--we don't want people to trip unnecessarily.
Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Dates

5/5--Edgewood Spring Musical at GHS @ 7pm

5/6--All Edgewood students to GHS to see the musical in the morning (students will walk and/or take a bus)

5/13--Green Up, Clean Up Day--Throughout the day, students will take a moment to clean up the grounds of our building in efforts to beautify Greenfield and help out our community

5/13--Wear gray and orange shirts!

5/16--EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm (This one is on a Monday!)

5/21--EHSA Tiger Run, Konkel Park, 11 am start time

5/27--Wear gray and orange shirts!

5/30--No School--Memorial Day

6/4--3rd Annual School Picnic, 12-3 @ Edgewood

6/8--3R's Field Day, 12:15-3:15. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

6/9--Early Dismissal--Last Day of School