what are wormholes ?

Worm holes are passages to other dimensions of the world.

The space time in a worm hole is warped.

The way a wormhole works is when a black hole and a white hole connect which allows objects to pass through the worm hole.

According to Einstein, a wormhole is deformed space that has warped in such a way that it connects to points of the Universe that can be very far apart. This space time is warped because of gravity.

Will humans ever be able to travel through wormholes?

It will be very difficult to travel through wormholes because of its instability. Also, scientist have not figured out how wormholes would form naturally in the universe. Some theoretical physicists believe that the wormholes will spontaneously appear and disappear according to the quantum foam hypothesis. Unfortunately these wormholes would be super small according to the planks scale about 10 to 33 centimeters.

Exotic matter

Because the wormhole will be so small how will humans ever get through a wormhole?The only answer is exotic matter.Exotic matter is matter with negative properties which will repel against the positive properties of a wormhole.When exotic matter gets close to a wormhole it will use its negative properties to push the wormhole outward making it more bigger.The problem is that exotic matter is only a theory and has not been found yet.

Other facts about wormholes

- If a object does make it through the wormhole, the space time in the other dimension will be different.

-A wormhole is just a theory and has not been seen so it has only been proven by math.

-A wormhole is unstable because the white hole and the black hole only connect briefly not for a long period of time.

-Many hollywood movies have put wormholes as a way of traveling through space more efficiently.

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Black Holes and Worm Holes
By:Nikunj Ty