Hawk Happenings!

HRBA - Fife

Happy Friday, Families!

We are officially moved to the new Fife location. While the rooms are still being put together and bulletin boards need to be decorated, we are excited to be in our new home. Thank you to our wonderful helpers...packing, sorting, disposing, hauling...it was a lot of work!!

Everyone is wondering what is happening with school in the fall. We are still planning to open on Sept 1st for 100% in person instruction for all students in grades Pre-K through Eight. Assuming the governor allows it, this is the plan. If not, we have our distance learning plan and received all of our brand new Chromebooks this week, so that students will have their device if we are out for limited times due to the virus.

We have been diligently following CDC and health dept guidelines, which include items about:

  • Daily Pre-Screening for Entry to Schools Each Day
  • Social Distancing
  • Masks/Face Shields
  • Confirmed Cases/Virus Spread
  • School Closures

I am including the most recent FAQ on the school re-opening plan (see below or click on https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/communications/Reopening%20Washington%20Schools%20FAQ%20for%20School%20Districts.pdf) because it has great info to address many common questions that parents, staff, and other community members likely have. In order to be considered for re-opening, each school has to submit a Re-Opening Schools Template that the state will review, much as the churches have had to do in order to be granted permission to hold weekly masses. The template was sent out yesterday and I submitted it today. So, now we just wait for confirmation from the state. You may have noticed that Governor Inslee has bumped down the number of people at gatherings for Pierce County, once again, to 5. He also mentioned (yesterday) that he would not rule out another stay home order this year, so we are all in a waiting game at this point. All we can do is prepare for classes (online and distance learning) and continue to socially distance, wear masks, and wash our hands...as we wait for case counts to improve.

Please know that we are taking student and staff safety very seriously. We have done a huge PPE order for this year. Classrooms are being re-arranged to maintain a minimum 6 ft distance between desks. Meal location and times, as well as recess are being adjusted to allow for more spacing of students. Cleaning protocols are being updated. As I have mentioned before, we are blessed to have such a small school, which will allow us to have everyone on campus and maintain all of the recommended and required health components to keep the kids and the adults safe. I will keep you in touch as I know more, but just wanted to send this info out since it is on everyone's minds. We are running with limited school facility hours through July and will have someone on site from 9 am - 2 pm daily. Call, email, or stop by if you need anything. Feel free to refer friends to us, as well!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Katie Dempsey