Tikvah BBG #2473

Fall Term 2015 Election Packet

Hey gals!

This packet is for all girls interested in serving on Tikvah BBG’s 2015 Fall Term board. Please read through this packet for all you will need to know to prepare yourself for running. Contact me with any questions you may have!


(832) 362-0242

Caucuses due Thursday, May 21st @ 11:59 PM to Cindy & I

General Board Requirements

  • Attends 70% of chapter functions
  • Attends all chapter and board meetings (you are allowed to miss one meeting per term as long as you notify the N’siah)
  • Attends all Regional and Council-wide events that they are eligible for
  • Communicates with regional counterparts in a timely manner


N'siah - President (1 per Fall Semester)

  • Leads chapter meetings
  • Represents the chapter to the Region
  • Communicates with chapter advisor
  • Communicates with entire chapter board
  • Attends calendar clearance
  • Must have served on board at least once previously

S'ganit - Vice President (1 per Fall Semester)

  • Plans programs with the 2nd vice
  • Evenly and effectively incorporates all 6 fold into programming
  • Assumes the president’s responsibilities in her absence
  • Attends calendar clearance
  • Writes write-ups for regional contests
  • Posts programs in Dashboard

S'ganit Sheniah - 2nd Vice (1 per Fall Semester)

  • Assists S’ganit with planning
  • Assists with incorporation of folds
  • In charge of chapter spirit

  • In charge of Beau & Advisor appreciation

Aym Ha-Chaverot - MIT mom (3 per Fall Semester)

  • In charge of the three R’s (recruitment, reeducation, retention)
  • Educates new chapter members
  • Helps MITs become more comfortable within the chapter
  • Promotes & incorporates Big/Lil relationships

  • Attends MIT/AIT convention (Mandatory)
  • Plans MIT Pickup
  • Promotes sisterhood within the chapter

Sh'licha - Judaic Leader (1 per Fall Semester)

  • Creates and Leads services for the chapter
  • Assists with/ creates and promotes Judaic programming
  • Promotes chapter Stand Up cause
  • Plans community service projects
  • Promotes Speak Up

Mekasheret - Eighth Grade Chair (1 per Fall Semester)

  • Attends all BBYO Connect programs
  • plans a program for 8th grade prospects
  • Creates & utilizes an 8th grade prospect list

Mazkirah - Secretary (1 per fall semester)

  • Writes and distributes weekly chapter notifications
  • Manages & represents the chapter on social media

Gizborit - treasurer (1 per fall semester)

  • Manages chapter finances
  • Plans chapter fundraisers for their designated Stand Up cause
  • Collects chapter dues

Katvanit - recording secretary (1 per fall semester)

  • Takes minutes at chapter and board meetings
  • Takes attendance
  • Writes articles for the Jewish Herald Voice
  • Creates and sends out a term calendar

Orechet - photographer (2 per fall semester)

  • Takes and uploads pictures at chapter and regional functions
  • Creates a chapter scrapbook for Regional Convention

election procedure & preparation

All girls interested in running for board must email their caucus to the N'siah & Advisor by Thursday, May 21st!

Hannah Asofsky


Cindy Fratina



Candidates for the position of N'siah will be given 4 minutes to speak while every other candidate will be given 3 minutes to speak.


Every caucused candidate will be allowed to hand out an 8.5 by 11 white piece of paper with their ideas, goals, and qualifications. (20 copies should be provided)


If interested in or caucused for a position you MAY NOT tell chapter members of your intent. If it is found out that anyone but the N'siah and Advisor know of your plans you will be unable to run.

Dropping Down

If you choose to drop down to a position after your election you will be given 1 minute to state anything you would like. You may only drop down twice and must be nominated by another chapter member.

Running off the floor

Only girls that are not declared for a position may run off the floor. If you choose to run off of the floor for a position you will be given one minute to speak without using adjectives or the word "I". You must be nominated by another chapter member and no one is allowed to run off of the floor for N'siah or S'ganit.

To all of you amazing girls,

Leadership within Tikvah and the region is an amazing and rewarding experience that you have just taken the first step towards reaching! No matter how elections turn out, running is an important and useful experience for every chapter member.

Thank you to all of you for an amazing Spring term! I can’t wait to see what Fall Term can do for the new members of Tikvah!

If you are considering a position even slightly, I HIGHLY encourage you to go for it!

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.”

-Nora Roberts

Respectfully submitted with undying love for,

CLTC 4 2014, spooey, Ely Beau, Solomon Beau, Cindy Advisor, and all of you,

I remain (not for long),

Hannah Prexy