HRE Weekly Bulletin

April 27th through May 1st

This Week at a Glance...

Mon, Apr 27th: 4th Grade ISTEP Continues

Tue, Apr 28th: School Improvement Team Meeting, 8;00

Tue, Apr 28th: 4th Grade ISTEP Continues

Wed, Apr 29th: 4th Grade ISTEP Ends

Wed, Apr 29th: Choir School Performance, 2:30

Wed, Apr 29th: Choir Evening Performance, 7:00

Thur, Apr 30th: Fountas & PInnell Training, 8:00

Thur, Apr 30th: 4th Grade ISTEP Make-ups

Fri, May 1st: 4th Grade ISTEP Make-ups

Fri, May 1st: Data Turn-in Day

Fri, May 1st: PTO Movie Night

Sat, May 2nd: Young Author's Conference

Next Week at a Glance...

Mon, May 4th: Teacher Appreciation Week

Mon, May 4th: 3rd Grade ISTEP Begins

Tue, May 5th: 3rd Grade ISTEP Continues

Tue, May 5th: Elementary Principal Meeting @ Admin, 12:00

Wed, May 6th: Staff Meeting, 8:00

Wed, May 6th: 3rd Grade ISTEP Continues

Thur, May 7th: PBIS Team Meeting, 8:00

Thur, May 7th: 3rd Grade ISTEP Continues

Thur, May 7th: 4th Grade Track Run-through, 3:30

Thur, May 7th: 4th Grade Track Meet @ FHS, 5:00

Fri, May 8th: 3rd Grade ISTEP Ends

Congrats Stacy Koch!

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Secretary, Stacy Koch is this week's GRIP winner! Stacy was nominated for showing Purpose. Stacy is on the front line and handles every situation with a smile and patience. She welcomes every visitor to our school and displays the GRIP principles to all. Thanks for the job you do Stacy!

Don't forget to nominate a colleague who you catch "Getting a GRIP"! Nomination slips are here in the office.

Evacuation Drill Info

In May we will be completing our final man-made disaster drill of the school year. For this drill we will be conducting an evacuation of the building to our designated safety area on the back soccer field. Classrooms should use your established primary or secondary fire exit and then make your way to the back field. Each grade level will have a designated spot on the field. Kindergarten will be closest to the woods and grade levels will be in order up to 4th grade who will be closest to Hoosier Road. This is treated the same as a tornado drill in that wherever you are at the time of the evacuation you would always take students to the same place on the field. If you have questions please let me know or ask your grade level Safety Team member. We will discuss this in more depth at our May 6th staff meeting.

Time Clock Reminders

Now that all support staff are using this system please remember to clock in and out each day. Even if you forget to clock in or out at your normal time we still need you to complete this process. It is much easier to adjust a time than it is for us to clock you in or out. If you're having any questions or concerns about the process please let Cathy or I know.

Requesting Days Off

Please remember that this is a crazy time of year for finding subs. HRE staff has always done a nice job with this so please continue to follow all protocol in place for requesting days in advance. If you have any questions please see Cathy G.