Collins' Corner

January 19, 2016

Important Dates

January 22 - Report cards issued

January 22 - Math MAP Testing

Language Arts

  • The spelling lesson this week is /ir/ as in girl and /or/ as in sport. We listened for those sounds today, and we also talked about how when /or/ follows a w in a word, it does not make the or sound anymore, but instead sounds like /ir/. This occurs in word, world, worm and work.
  • This week we will continue to discuss cental idea and supporting details.
  • In writing, we have completed draft persuasive letters to Frosty, persuading him with three good reasons, that we need snow in Chapin this winter.


This week we will begin chapter 9 in My Math, which is on data analysis. We will practice taking a survey and reading and analyzing picture graphs.

There will be an addition fact test Thursday this week.

Social Studies/Science

This week we will discuss the different types of weather tools, as well as the different types of severe weather. We will also discuss the precautions that should be taken when severe weather occurs.