Middle Earth has been found

Makenzie Le

argumentative essay

the Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the third largest cave in the entire world, which is one of the many reasons why Vietnam is middle earth. "huh? whats middle earth?" You may ask if you haven't read the astounding book the hobbit. If you have read the hobbit then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Mount Fanispan is the highest mountain in Vietnam peaking at 10,312 ft , it closely resembles the lonely mountain, as you can see in picture one. If you take a look at picture 2 then you'll see it shows a beautiful waterway/lake, that to me resemble what I saw in my mind as I read the hobbit. If you read chapter eight of the hobbit then you read about the dark dense forest filled with giant spiders, matter of fact Vietnam also has big spiders not the size of the ones in the hobbit but they could be easily be based off of them