Ayn Rand:

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About Ayn

Ayn was born " Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum", on February 2, 1905 in Saint Petersburg. She was a Russian Jew. Ayn was the oldest of 3 children. Her father was a successful business man and owned a Pharmacy. Ayn had a passion for liberal arts. She started writing plays at the age of 8, and novels at the age of 10.

After the October Revolution, Ayn's father's business had been confiscated and her family was displaced. After the disposition, Ayn's family had to move and navigated to the Crimean Peninsula. During the time they lived there, the government was under the white army. Shortly after she and her family moved there, she decided she would be an atheist. Shortly later, her family was faced with difficult times and found it hard to survive. They found things so hard that they were even faced with starvation.

Ayn graduated high school at 16. Shortly after she graduated high school at 16, she joined college at Petrograd university and began social pedagogy studies. While taking her studies, she was introduced to the writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Victor Hugo, Edmond Rostand, and Friedrich Schiller, who became her perennial favorites.

Her books:

Ayn Rand’s novels contain many elements that appeal to young readers. They are inspiring and exciting stories with heroic characters fighting for their ideals. The nov­els portray events of profound, timeless sig­nif­i­cance, challenging readers to decide not just what will happen to particular characters, but what their own lives and the world should be like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Her books and her personal philosophy often provoke strong reactions,

Can you find out why?

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Reactions To Ayn Rand:

A lot of people didn't like her because they said she was a hypocrite, they also didn't like her because they said she supported the revolution. I believe that some of what she said made sense but then I don't agree with other things she said. I don't like the fact that she was coming off so rude and strong towards gays, because I know that a lot of gays liked her writing, but after what she was saying, they restrained themselves from her. I believe that since she lived during the revolution, it truamatized her life and that explains the reasoning behind all of her strong wording.