Richard Owen! Really awesome guy, you should get to know him

Okay...then who is he?

Richard Owen was a famous Paleontologist. He also studied Comparative Anatomy. He was born on July 20th 1804. (Which, by the way, is two days before my birthday!) He was born in Lancaster England. Then, at the age of 88, he died in Richmond Park, London, England, on December 18th 1892. He was best known for his founding of the British Muesum of Natural History.


Those were the basics, heres some other interesting things.

In the year 1824, Richard owen, persued a career as a medical student at the University of Edinburgh. The year after, Richard left Edunburgh, and completed his medical course in St. Bartholomew's hospital, in London. Sometime, during the 1840's, He came to the conclusion that species arise as the result of some sort of evolutional process. He believed there was a total of six possible mechanisms.