The Commonwealth Games

By Grace Kokke

Where The Commonwealth Games are Held

If you are part of the Commonwealth (The Commonwealth is an alliance with England for trade, aid, sport and cultural links) countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and South Africa for example can participate in the Commonwealth games. The games are held every four years in a country that is part of the Commonwealth. For the games to be held in your country you have to bid, with money, the highest bidder wins. The next games are in 2018 at the Gold coast, Australia.

Map of where the previous Commonwealth games have been held

Next Commonwealth games are held at Gold Coast, Australia
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Australia Medal Winning History

The first ever Commonwealth games were held in Hamiltion , Canada in 1930 and sadly Australia only won 8 medals. But ever since that we have been improving and in the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi, India we won a total of 178 medals and 74 of them were gold. At the 2014 Commonwealth games held in Glasgow Australia won a total of 137 medals and 49 of them were gold.

2014 Glasgow medals gold, silver and bronze

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Australian team 2014

All the representatives in total is 101 with 52 women and 49 men. And the sports were Badminton, boxing, cycling, diving , gymnastics, hockey (men), hockey (women),judo,lawn bowls, netball,rugby ,shooting, squash, swimming, table tennis, triathlon, weight lifting and wrestling. Individual (boxing) and teams (netball) compete in the Commonwealth games.

History of the Games

A sporting event bringing together the members of the British Empire was invented by a man called John Astley Cooper. He suggested a sporting event every four years and committees world wide helped him get it started fast. The first games where held in Hamilton, Canada.
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