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Acton Weekly Update 4/12/19

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule

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Coach's Corner

Coach’s Message

Please let me know if you would like to visit a fellow teacher's GR table. We have lots of great GR tables up and running! As always, I am always here to model any part of the GR table that you are struggling with! I will be around to grade level meetings to answer any questions.

Link to Google folder with GR resources

Need an idea for organizing all the papers?

Click HERE to see a video.

Need some fresh Daily 5 Ideas?

Here are a few pictures from around the township involving organization!

Building Updates

Please let Jayne know if you can play on our staff team for the staff versus students kick ball game.

RECORD YOUR READING LOG MINUTES THIS WEEK!! We are going to challenge our students to a Reading Log Challenge. We all need to record our reading next week. IF you read for enjoyment, for school, for lesson planning, to your kids- WHATEVER IT IS- RECORD IT!!!! We are going to average the minutes read by students and the minutes read by staff to figure out our winner. Students are reading to earn an extra recess! You are reading to earn a jeans week.


Co-presidents-Danita Mullens and Catherine Lapkovitch

Treasurer-Sarah DeNeal

Secretary-Lindsey Elliott

Community Correspondent- Erin Fetters

Please write a thank you note to our outgoing officers: Sarah Smith, Stacy DesJean and Andrea Rigdon.

PLEASE keep an eye on our girls primary restroom. Teachers please talk to your girls about not making a mess in the stalls.

DOn't forget to fill out our volunteer appreciation form so we can buy the correct amount of gifts for our volunteers.

Volunteer Form

May 20th is the due date for your PIVOT goals.

Counselor's Corner

College and Career Week

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I loved teaching your classroom this week during College and Career Week.

K-2: The goal was for students was to be exposed to some community helper careers and think about the things people in those careers like and skills they would need.

3-5: The goal for students was to understand that many careers fall into 6 Career Clusters. Each career cluster is grouped by interests and skills. Students answered questions to determine their likes and skills. Then they were able to explore careers in that cluster.

April Character Trait: RESPECT

Respect means treating others with honor and dignity.

"Everyone has worth and dignity as a human being, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, male or female, or any other difference. This is why you should treat others with honor, dignity, and courtesy instead of bullying, harassing, or manipulating in order to get what you want.

You show respect in many ways. For example, when someone is talking, you show respect by being attentive. When you receive a gift, you show respect by saying “thank you.” At work or at home, you show respect to those counting on you by being responsible, diligent, and thorough.

Self-respect means you recognize your own worth as a human being and avoid anything that will damage your mind, body, or integrity. This means you do your best no matter who is watching—because what you do reveals who you are.

Respect does not mean you have to like everyone, and others might not treat you as they should. But even when you disagree with others or have to part ways, you can still treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.


  1. Value others.
  2. Respect differences.
  3. Use good manners.
  4. Not bully or harass others.
  5. Treat people the way I want to be treated.


  • How does it feel when someone shows disrespect?
  • How can you respect other students? How can you respect your teachers?
  • What are some good manners you can show at meal time, at the store, or at school?
  • What would happen to bullying if everyone showed respect to one another?"
    (Permission granted to reproduce this lesson for educational use. Credit: CharacterFirstEd.com)

Conscious Discipline

Brain Smart Start

Thank you for all of your hard work this year implementing the Brain Smart Start as we explored the first level of Conscious Discipline. In May teachers will receive The NEW Conscious Discipline book, the Conscious Discipline Brain State Poster Set, and Seven Skills Poster Sets.

Important things to keep in mind as we approach summer break and think about next year:

1. Implementation of Conscious Discipline takes time, so we are purposely going slowly so we have consistency across the district and across grade levels here at Acton.

2. The expectation is for ALL classroom teachers to begin EVERYDAY with a GREETING at the door AND all 4 Components of the Brain Smart Start. (I think we are doing awesome!)

3. Our next Conscious Discipline items we will be adding are:

(1) Starting the year developing a Friends and Family board for your classroom

(2) Safekeeper Ritual: We will get the supplies

(3) Developing a Conscious Discipline Safe Place

4. In August we will be rolling out Rituals, Routines, Wish Well and Teachers will receive video trainings.

5. If there are any parts of the BRAIN SMART START you are uncomfortable with or need some help with, PLEASE reach out to me before the end of the year so I can come and model or assist you. We are expected to start the school 19-20 school year rolling with the Brain Smart Start with fidelity.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

Ohana Calendar

DIBELS Progress Monitoring-Green/Yellow Students

Kindergarten Registration

Monday 4/15/19-

  • 1st/2nd Grade CFA Meeting: BWB/Jen/Lindsey/ Becky
Tuesday 4/16/19-
  • AM Collaboration- 3-5 ILEARN Protocol meeting: Team Focus/ GR Lesson Planning

    • 1st/2nd Grade CFA Meeting: BWB/Jen/Lindsey/ Becky
    • Second Grade Field Trip
Wednesday 4/17/19
  • AM Collaboration: ProAct Training with Hillary Reid
  • 1st/2nd Grade CFA Meeting: BWB/Jen/Lindsey/ Becky
  • Children's Museum Title 1 Night 6:00

Thursday 4/18/19

  • PBIS TEAM 8:15 AM
  • 4th/5th grade dress rehearsal during RA Times

Friday 4/19/19

  • SOS Day- follow schedule provided

Coming Soon:


20 - Egg Hunt 1-3 PM


22 ILEARN Starts / Skating Party

23 CHOW WITH THE COW AM Collaboration: Guided Reading Planning OR Team Focus

24 AM Collaboration: Pro Act; Colts Camp (see schedule)

25 K Field Trip

26 Post Midterms



29 DIBELS Window Opens

30 AM COllaboration: Team Focus or Guided Reading Planning


1 AM Collaboration: Pro Act Training

2 4th Grade Southern Indiana Field Trip; 1st Grade Field Trip / Julie’s Retirement Party 4-5:30




6 Emergency Drills (PBIS PM?)

7 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ Guided Reading Planning, PTO Meeting

8 AM Collaboration: Pro Act Training Sarah’s Baby Shower after school


10 1st grade DIBELS Coverage Day



13 2nd grade DIBELS Coverage Day

14 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration; Kindergarten DIBELS Coverage Day; Kindergarten Open House 6-7 PM

15 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration;Million Minute Luau’s during RA times, Primary- WACS assessments, Turn in Class Placement lists, Textbook money and Media Center Items

16 5th grade Field Trip

17 Assembly: Indy Air Bears; 5th grade after school Jam



20 Field Day

21 Field Day Make Up Day/ EOY Celebration Practice during RA

22 Awards Day 1,2,3

23 Awards Day k,4,5, Report Cards completed in IC by Noon LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

24 Teacher Record Day-Transcripts in Cum Files and Summer letters completed, addressed and placed in mailing bundles.

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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