Monday Memo

Week #13: November 10

Dates to Notes:

Tuesday, November 11: Picture Re-Takes & Lower Cook Day
Wednesday, November 12: Primary Cook Day
Thursday, November 13: Middle School Parent Ed Night 6 - 7:30
Friday, November 21:
Community Coffee with Megan 8:45-10:00
Deadline to order Oak Farm Spirit Wear
Tuesday, November 25: Grandparents Day

Founder's Day

A New Tradition was Started

On November 10th the school will celebrate our founder - Lorene Dekko Salsbery.

This tradition started yesterday with the Lower Elementary classrooms, where Lorene taught for several years. The Lower Elementary students shared how they are practicing LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, LIFE LONG LEARNING and EMOTIONAL LITERACY. Some graduates (Bailee Hager & Jordan Axel) shared their memories of Lorene and how her gift continues to impact them today. Laura shared some readings from other graduates - Matthew Fortman & Mariano Flores. Elizabeth Smith-Meyer (previous employee) read a very nice poem. The festivities ended with a flag raising ceremony in the courtyard while the students sang the Oak Farm Song.

EAP Benefits for ALL Employees

Have you checked out your free EAP benefits available to you and your family lately?

Here’s just a sampling:

  • Counseling Benefits - Help with personal issues from relationships and grief to stress and substance abuse
  • Financial and Legal Benefits - Assistance for financial, legal and other personal issues
  • Information Resource Benefits - Access to a vast collection of self-help tools, videos, training and articles
  • Lifestyle Benefits - Discounts and savings plans to help with fitness, smoking cessation, retirement and college planning
  • Personal Development Benefits - Help balancing your work, life and career
  • Wellness Benefits – Information, videos and resources to improve your overall wellness

Call toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 800.225.2527 or 800.252.4555 - or login at by clicking on the red “Employee & Family” button.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Active Member Open Enrollment forms were placed in mailboxes last week and due to Sarah Shanton-Cox on or before Wednesday, November 12th. Please be sure to complete the following on the form:

- Check the box H252-13 (Traditional) or QH50-13 (HSA)

- Check yes or no under Coordination of Benefits

- Sign and date

What are your plans for November 25th?

All Faculty are being asked to park at the Community Arts Center. For those who typically work later for after care, please adjust your schedule accordingly so that you may participate in the faculty shuttle.

Shuttling will begin as early as 6:45 a.m. and will end at 8:30 a.m. Those arriving after 8:00 a.m. may park at the Arts Center and walk to Upper Elementary to catch a shuttle to their appropriate building.

Assignment of Duties for Grandparents Day:

• Classroom teachers:
Responsible for own classrooms.
• Megan O’Sullivan: Greeter and Announcer
• Sarah Shanton-Cox: Greeter, checking in Grandparents
• Macy McNaughton: Greeter, checking in Grandparents
• Lauren Moyer: Assist at Multi-purpose room Refreshments, then 10 am Hallway Greeter, outside Multi-purpose ‘music’ room
• Bonnie Schultz: Assist at P4 Refreshments, then 10 am Hallway Greeter, outside T2 at corner
• Kelly Elias: Faculty shuttling and Traffic Coordinator
• Kim Green: Lower Elementary Greeter (direct to L1, L2, or L3 as needed)
• Laura Pounds: Faculty Shuttling, Upper Elementary Greeter
• Joe Pounds: Middle School Greeter
• Jill Hoffelder: Refreshments; baking and set-up
• Sandra Knox: Assist in Parking Lot (see Kelly for details)
• Linda Hoffman: Event Photographer (see Sarah for Nikon camera)
• Andrea Deihl: Small Bus Driver
• Lisa Held: Large Bus Driver
• Ben Bollinger: Parking Lot and Traffic Coordinator

  • All faculty at the main entrances to the buildings will have a radio to be able to communicate any shuttling information to the bus drivers. We anticipate grandparents will arrive starting at 8:00 a.m. so we will be directing them to various parking areas and shuttling them to the Vic House for the musical performance and refreshments.

Items to note:

1. PE will be closed Monday afternoon and Tuesday all day; Nov. 24th & 25th
2. All Greeters will receive a class list, please be looking for those in your mailbox.
3. Infants and Toddlers do not participate in this event; however Toddler observation windows will be open.

Sign Up Genius

Macy will be trying out a new volunteer sign-up website... If you get an email from this site, please accept it and let parents know it is ok in case they ask about it.

THANK YOU for your help with this!

Photo-Bomb on the Farm...

Big image

Thanks, Lauren - for capturing this picture and for helping Jeffrey with animal care this weekend! :)