Duncan's Disease

Emma Jowdy and Erin Mingey

Duncan's Disease

It is a disorder of the immune system where it weakens and can't fight viruses and bacteria to protect our body; tissues, proteins, and organs don't work together properly.


-impaired/enlarged liver function

-enlarged spleen

-sore throat


The protein that has been effected is called SAP. This protein is suppose to regulate how many white blood cells attack viruses. When a mutation is made to the specific gene less SAP is produced meaning more white blood cells are dying because they aren't being regulated.

Inheritance Pattern

Duncan's Disease is a sex-linked disorder, meaning that it is passed down on the X and Y chromosomes.
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Other Names

There are many other names for this disease:

-X-linked lymphoproliferative disease (XLP)

-Familial Epstein-Barr infection

-Purtilo Syndrome

-Severe susceptibility to EBV infection

-Severe susceptibility to infectious mononucleosis


The recommended treatment for a patient who has XLP and has to wait for a bone marrow transplant with a suitable donor is a high dose of methylprednisolone and VP-16 for 15 months.

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