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Technology Integration Newsletter-December 17, 2014

Tools for Creating Surveys and Polls in the Classroom

Per Mr. Schmidt and Mr. McNulty: As part of teacher evaluation, staff members are required to survey their students at least once every 3 years. This needs to be completed prior to a full evaluation year. Non-tenured staff need to complete a survey each year of non-tenured status. The survey can be completed at any time of the year. The survey must also be approved by administration prior to being given.

If you are unsure of what platform to use when surveying your students, I have included suggestions below.

Survey and Polls

  • Google Forms: This option allows you to create a survey with your school Google account and even collaborate with others of similar grade levels or subjects on a survey. This may be a great option for grade level partners. Our school uses Google Forms for our transportation requests and behavior referrals. There are several options for creating questions of various formats including multiple choice, true/false, checkbox, and ordered response questions, as well as free typing space for short answer questions.
  • Socrative: Teachers can create a free account and engage and assess their students with educational activities and surveys on tablets, laptops and smartphones. You can instantly see results coming in. There are options to create quizzes, exit tickets and surveys. Mr. Schmidt and Mr. McNulty have used these in staff meetings recently. There is a handy step by step how to guide linked below. There is a teacher app you can download, and a student app that is on some of the elementary student iPads, so this might be an awesome choice for elementary teachers!
  • Wufoo: This site allows you to create up to 3 surveys for free before getting the paid version. I like it because you can embed them almost anywhere, and the reports you can generate from the data are beautiful and very informative! This is the type of survey you have seen in my technology newsletters in the past. It's similar to Google Forms in terms of format.
  • Quia: For those of you who pay for Quia, there is a built in survey creator. I use this with my students and it's pretty awesome. If you already subscribe, it's a great option.
  • Click2Answer: While not the prettiest poll, this site allows for users and administrators to get an email each time someone completes the survey. Participants can also add comments and all the answers and comments are presented in an easy-to-read chart.
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