Mary Mackillop


Mary Mackillop

Name: Mary Mackillop Birthdate:15-1-184

Place of birth:Australia Death:August 8,1909 North Sydney

This person 'Mary Mackillop' is known as Saint Mary of the cross she is Australia's first saint for the Catholic Church she is also know as Australian nun.

Mary Mackillop is the eldest of eight children she have 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

When she grew up she offered to helped Father Julian Tenison Wood to show other people Gods love and tell people that God is always with them,they helped homeless people and orphans. Over the next 43 years many women's heard about what Mary were doing and joined her.

Over the next 43 years many more women's joined Mary, they helped many more homeless people and orphans they also visited poor people in their homes,in Hospitals and in prisons.

She have 3 sisters and 4 brothers her mother name is Flora MacDonald,her father is Alexander MacKillop, her 3 sisters are Margret,Alexandrina and Annie MacKillop,her 4 brothers are Alick,Donald,John and Peter MacKillop.