The Skipper

By: Courtland

Who is he?

The skipper, as they call him, is always seen traveling by horse back. He is clothed in a long coat and has a dagger hanging on a lanyard strung across his chest. Words spreading that he never looses a fight. Everyone who has went up against him in the past has been defeated by the Skipper, never to fight again. He was last seen coming from the west so, watch yourself and at all costs, stay out of this mans way.

HOW TO 101

How To: Avoid death by the Skipper!

How do you stay safe with a killer horse back rider coming through town? Here are some simple tips to keep you alive! First is the most obvious, STAY INDOORS! If you must go outside, steer clear of secluded places just incase he's waiting to surprise attack someone! Don't talk to strangers, duh. If you just so happen to come in contact with the skipper, be polite and don't give him any reason to kill you, dude. Good luck.