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This Month at the ICRH: April 2014

It has been said that volunteering is a work of the heart. To be a part of something that is larger than oneself is the ultimate act of wisdom and generosity. It does not take someone who is old to be wise. Nor does it take someone who has money to be generous. It takes someone who is full of love and life. Someone like 8-year-old Elizabeth Ratkos.

Elizabeth and her parents are members of the Central Michigan Christian Church in Mount Pleasant. There is a warmness that can be felt when walking in the door of the church. A sense of love and acceptance can be seen when looking into the eyes of the elders of the church.

The elders and the church have opened their hearts and their doors through a partnership with the Isabella County Restoration House. The church is classified as an A church, meaning they will provide shelter and a meal to the homeless in Isabella County for one week.

Young Elizabeth did not let her age prevent her from making an impact. Although volunteers must be 12-years-old to directly assist with the shelter, she found another way to provide assistance. She used the skills and resources she had to make and sell potholders to family and friends. The money was selflessly donated to the ICRH.

Although Elizabeth will not personally be there to offer a smile or warm meal to someone who may need it, her spirit can be felt in the goodness of the church. Central Michigan Christian Church prides itself on its unique connection and passion for youth in Christ. With a dedicated youth ministry and a newly acquired youth pastor, one can see the giving spirit it cultivates in young minds like Elizabeth.

Such a strong connection to youth is not new for Central Michigan Christian Church. Founded from the 1970’s hippy movement, it originated on campus at Central Michigan University. Growing from the passion for a deeper meaning to life, it began as a bible study group in the towers on campus. Its first official location was the current art gallery next to the University Center. The church is currently located on Lincoln Road.

It is a testament to the faithful nature of the church that they continue to live out their beliefs and acts of charity. Started from youth and today shining through its youth, like Elizabeth, brings joy to the hearts of many involved with Central Michigan Christian Church.

Homeless Interviews

Homeless Interviews

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To provide immediate, temporary housing to homeless individuals of all social and cultural identities in Isabella County and; to advocate for access to services needed by patrons to address their individual needs.

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