EM waves

visible lights

Uses of the EM wave

1. Allows you to see color and any object.

2. The waves can also be used as a laser.

3. It can also be used to blind someone or something.

4. It makes movies and any screen related thing possible.

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wavelength and frequency

750-400nm is the wavelength
4-7.5 x 1014 is the frequency
What is Light?


it goes over the wavelengths, energy and over-all strength.

l.a.W.S. weapon

The engineer used to make such a weapon were all navy engineers and officers. The way they control this weapon is not like any other. the way they control it is by a normal gaming controller. this idea how ever is not as new as it would seem. The idea was introduced in the late nineties but came to be an actual product in 2011, but since then has become a weapon if mass destruction. it can vary from fatal to not ,much damage at all. It's main purpose is to destroy enemy small vehicles. It is made out of varying metals and 300 watt bulb.


the article describes why the Navy came up with the idea to invent a laser weapon. It describes in great detail the way in which the creators decided to make it use for navy officers.
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