Vietnam Immigration to Minnesota

By: Keaghan Graeber

Push And Pull Factors

Pull: New opportunity and for Family. They come to Minnesota because it's layer back and a first glimpse at there new life in the U.S.

Push: bad economy, poverty, lack of jobs, lack of education and housing

Ravenstiens law of migration

Yes~ Migrants move from rural to urban. They could move to a rural area as well, such as Duluth, Bemidji etc. Or main cities like St.Paul or other cities in the mixture.

No~ Migration occurs in steps, movement in opposite directions.

Challenges of Immigration

They may face Intergenerational conflicts with other immigrant groups. Also Vietnamese have large families and would be hard to raise them. Also Vietnamese Hmong marry at a young age, and they tend to keep there last name their entire lifetime.

Where do these people live in Minnesota, and what do they do for jobs?

Minnesota is attractive to many Vietnamese because of its strong economy, good quality of life, and educational purposes. A lot of immigrants jobs are related to faith and religion groups, along with ethnic groups. Not all Vietnamese have faith related jobs