Should students have diamonds

Argumentative Writing Assignment Finale Draft


Should students be able to own or buy diamonds.I say no and yes. I say no because they might go to school and somebody likes that diamond watch and wants it but they cant get it so they ask is it real and that person say yes. Than later on that day who that person told that their diamond watch is real, that person went to tell everyone and now one of her so call friends ask can she wear the diamond watch and that person say make sure you give it back and she say ok. Now it is time to go and now that person with the diamond watch is moving very quickly to the bus and she gets there and that person don't get there watch back.

second paragraph

The reason I say yes is because students get to look cool in front of their friends. Even though its fake, they might look pretty or handsome. Then they might get some clothes or shoes with the watch so they can look even more pretty or handsome . Then their friends might have the same thing as you so now you and your friend are twins.

Third paragraph

That's my reason i say no and yes. But I think more yes than no because the students can look cool and so can the boys can look cool even though some are not just kidding. So that's why I think we should own diamonds.