Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 12-16

Strategy Spotlight- FAST Reminders

It's FAST Testing Week!! Some things to remember...

  • Clear your cache BEFORE you start testing! (Text, email, or call me if you want me to come do this for you!)
  • If testing/the site isn't working try 1) restart your computer 2) try different internet browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

  • Find a testing spot that's quiet (not a hallway!) and has good internet connection (this may mean your students need to walk a distance to get to you - have one student sit outside the door and read silently and be your "on deck" student to reduce wasting time as students switch).
  • Review testing procedures with your whole class before starting - remind them to always do their best work, not to speed read (because this often slows them down!), explain how we take their middle score of the three passages, meeting benchmark means no intervention group :), etc.
  • Have your volume turned up
  • Have a mouse with you if that helps you with scrolling
  • Have your binder with the three passages students read from
  • Make sure you read the directions WORD FOR WORD - don't shorten them or add anything to them (yes this gets tedious, but we have to do it!)
  • Have the directions sheet with you if you don't like reading the directions off of the computer
  • Review what counts as an error and what does not count as an error!
  • Record scores on the Universal Screening - Multiple Years google doc as you go.

** We know there are a lot of issues going on with TIER and this testing period so be prepared it may not go smoothly**

  • You can start testing NOW if you want:
  1. pull a student at the start of specials time
  2. pull a student at the start of recess
  3. pull students during Urbana bus rider time (as long as no other students are in your room)

  • Come find me if you have any questions or need any help (text me, 319.430.8150, if you need me right away!)

Leveled Library Update

The leveled library is pretty much done! I have all books on shelves. All shelves are labeled in sets of 100 with pink signs.

  • I have also stuck post it notes on all books that teachers have already told me they plan on using this year. This was just a way for me to see what books would be used this year and what books were still "open" and available for teachers to use. Remember - it is fine if multiple grades use the same book, but we have such a wide variety hopefully that doesn't happen too often.
  • I will put some "Free For The Taking" signs on all of the books on the floor in the back corner - these can go into classroom libraries, student prizes, local churches, doctors/dentist offices, etc. I hope someone can find a good use for them!
  • There is a plastic bin in front of each of the leveled shelves. These books are NOT "Free For The Taking." Rather, these are books that go with the leveled books on the nearby shelves but they aren't on the shelves because there aren't multiple sets of the book (typically 3 or less books of that title). I've kept these books nearby in case we want to order some of these titles in the future.
  • Please sign out books on the clipboard when you take them and sign them back in when you return them.
  • If you are unsure where a book goes when returning them please take them to MY OFFICE and I will re-shelve them.
  • If you are looking for a book that you think we have in our leveled library and can't find it, let me know and I'll find it for you!
  • If you find a book you want to use, but there aren't enough copies let me know ASAP and I'll look into some different ways we can get more copies!

This Week


  • Literacy meeting with Jessica Q, Susan O. and Barbara @ primary
  • Train a teacher on FAST
  • Teach a 4th grade writing lesson
  • Check in with teachers
  • LCI pre-meeting with Jessica Q, Barbara, Ann, Jon @ primary
  • Train a middle school teacher on FAST


  • All day LCI training


  • Model writing lesson in 4th grade
  • Special Ed./Social Thinking meeting
  • Check in with teachers that are FAST training
  • Check in with teachers about how SGR is going
  • Check in with teachers about assessment data collected and readiness to start interventions on Tuesday


  • Staff meeting before school
  • Model writing lesson in 4th grade
  • Begin work on Standards Tracking Books
  • Assist with FAST testing
  • Check in with teachers
  • 4th grade team planning after school


  • Special Ed. meeting before school
  • Assist with FAST testing
  • Check in with teachers
  • Model writing lesson in 4th grade
  • IC weekly meeting (Friday afternoon)