Air Pollution

By: Evanne Mcghiey

Air Polutions is...

a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores may be suspended as particles. Ozone, a gas, is a major part of air pollution cities. Poor air quality is unhealthy for everyone, but especially for children, senior citizens and people with respiratory conditions like asthma.
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  • Conserve energy – remember to turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when not in use.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  • Participate in your local utility’s energy conservation programs.
  • Limit driving by carpooling, using public transportation, biking and walking.

Affects on your health

  • being exposed to air pollution can shorten your live by three years
  • Separating smokers from nonsmokers, opening windows, or using air filters does not prevent people from breathing secondhand smoke.
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Based on research in below poverty countries the house holds with biomass fuels commonly exposed to the children strongly increes the risk for exposed young children compared to households where the children are being less exposed.