Cleveland Coding Club

It's OK to be a techie!

Come learn how to code!

You may be good at using computers. But it might be important for your future to also be able to program computers. Programming means typing a set of commands for the computer to follow. Every computer, smartphone, tablet, even calculator, had to be programmed to do the amazing things they do.

In this club, you'll have an opportunity to learn how to write code. You'll get to make your own games, learn how to make your own website...maybe even learn how to make apps for iPhones!

It's fun, and easier than you might think!

Every Monday after school in Lab 1

We'll meet right after school on Mondays in Lab 1. This is a club, so you don't HAVE to come. But, the more often you come, the more you will learn!

Coding Club starts MONDAY, SEPT. 23rd!

We'll be done at 4:30 pm each Monday. Make sure you have a ride!

Other info

Parents will need to fill out and return this form before their child can participate.

The Coding Club is facilitated by Jesse Thorstad, ISD 544 Technology Specialist.

You can reach him via email or 218-998-0544 x2036.

"Code Stars" - Short Film