The Great Depression

Zoe Edman


The Great Depression started in the 1929 when all the stock markets crashed.

Many people lost their jobs and life savings.

New laws had to be made to help people.

The great depression traveled around the world.

World war 2 finnaly ended the great depression.

Key Person

The African Americans were afected the most by this. There works started fiering them and highring white people that were unimplode. They felt that they needed and duserved jobs more then the African Americans. This is when president Franklin Roosevelt made laws to help and pretect everyone. They had to treat everyone and alow everyone to have the same rites.


In October, 1929 stock markets crashed and unimployment rates went up. Then in January 1932 Congriss lended $2 billion to banks insurance companies, building and loan associations, and farming organizations. Then people started to go indent not able to pay for the lones. In 1941 preparing for world war 2 American ecotamys brought the end to the great depreshion.