Trevor Ollar Block 4

All about Gold:

Gold has a reflective surface and is a hard metal. It also has a yellowish color. It's melting point is 1947 F. Gold has a density of 19.31. It can react with Aqua Regia ( hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Gold is found underground and is mined out. It is used in jewelry, currency, and trading. Gold is usually mixed with other metals in jewelry to make a less pure gold amount. EX: A 14 karat gold ring vs a pure 24 karat gold ring. Gold reacts with Chlorine or Bromine.

A Golden Story

There once was an element named gold. He was the brightest, shiniest, and riches element on the periodic table. But one day his enemy Silver, wanted to be more vauable than him. So he heated his house to 19,47 degrees Fahrenheit. And gold began to melt. But silver forgot that he melted faster than gold. Silver melted before gold and he became a liquid. THE END.