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Compare and Contrast

There was a lot of comparing and contrasting between the eye of the tiger and roar.The eye of the tiger and roar have mostly the same meaning behind it but they are also have differences. Roar pays more attention on difficulties in family and trying to persevere while the eye of the tiger is focused on surviving issues and trying to persevere.
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Problem and Solution

In the story rolling dough about the pizza man owning a pizza place it shows a lot of problem and solution.The Article explains how he gets himself into trouble like when he was in debt ,and how to gets himself out of it like when he has to work 18 hours a day delivering pizzas to door to door and running the shop at the same time with no partner.

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We see description in The Jackie Robinson bio video. This video describes jackie and his life and how he made it into the ucla and it also shows how he got put into an all american baseball team.

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Cause And Effect

In the Losing to win video where the coach helps people with bad parents, it shows the cause (the coach helping them) and the effect (they are living a more happier life.)

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We see this in the Jackie Robinson Biography when it's telling us when he was born and then when he when to UCLA and also when he when to the all american baseball team.

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