I know why the caged bird sings

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Maya "disappointing" her maternal family side

In the song and Maya's horrible experience of being raped they feel sorry for disappointing their mother. Maya still needs to relieve her trauma in her way and her mother seems to not like that, and in the song he talks about how he releases his anger about his mother through his other songs(that seems to make his mother is sad about it). Both see their father as some alien being that has nothing to do with them.
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Maya's personality

Maya has no interest in keeping the social norms of Stamps, like how Alessia with teenager norms. The song and Maya like there comfort zone undisturbed, and keeping to what they know(at least in the first half of the book. They fight against their stereotypes and would like their life to be simplistic.
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Accepting who you are with all your flaws and strengths

Maya had a complex about her self as a child, but as she is growing older,she is depending on herself more. In the song they mainly talk about how you only have yourself that you can fully rely on, she is slowly seeing that and becoming more independent. Maya is understanding that she can't only live for others, and the song is mostly about that. The fact that in the end you only have yourself to rely on.
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Bailey and his mother complex/(slight father complex as well)

Although this song is about sexual relations, it does describe Bailey's relationship with his mother. Bailey gained a mother complex after being left to his Moma (grandmother) when his parents divorced, and until he hit puberty, he was completely smitten with his mother. The singer and Bailey give their love to the receiver wholeheartedly and would like to be loved back. They see the love they give almost as obligatory, because they deserve it (in the song, it is because she is so beautiful and perfect, and for Bailey, it is because she is the perfect beautiful mom).

Dolores personality

Dolores is the tiny "perfect" women dating her father Bailey. Maya sees her as pitiful, because her father is using her like a maid, something Dolores and the singer don't seem to mind. Being an individual is second hand to being his women. The fact that Dolores is okay with being ignorant and stupid, much like the singer of this song, shows her as a representation of how some women were during this time period.
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Maya taking the advice of her family and close frieds

Maya through most of this book was not a truly individual person. An event would happen and others would give her advice, she would mostly follow. The song shows the artist's parents influencing him and his decisions. Maya does become more of an individual as the story goes on, but she still tries to please those who are important to her. The singer's father died at 61, and he is trying to be a person his father would be proud of. Maya still tries to be a strong African-American women, because she feels like it would please her mother, Bailey, Moma, and Uncle Willy (a little of because of her father as well).