Come On Over To The Quaternary Era.

Gonna Have a Human Filled Day.

Don't miss out everyone is doing it.

You want to learn and have fun at the same time? You do well thats good thats real good. Use our cardboard time machine and get rid of yourself erm I mean and travel back in time and see your demise no wait I mean see our ancestors.

Why cardboard?

Well it is cheap fun to play with and we shaking the time machine when people are using it because it doesn't shake normally and we love hearing them say "Who is doing that" so thats why.

It is hosted every Wednesday at 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Don't miss out when you go to the Quaternary period through our time machine. You can stay as long as you want but it cost $50,000. If you want to stay until the next week then it costs $1,000. To stay for a day it costs $500 it may seem like a lot of money but to keep a stable cardboard time machine is harder to do than you think.

What will I need though?

Now let us think ah we know you will need a generator, gun, giant tent, some warm clothes, some light clothes, phone, portable cell tower, and every day household items don't forget the monitor also.

Why do I need some of these things?

See we have tested several bad workers I mean subjects and saw what they needed most the gun, clothes, and ten are very high priority because you need to scare the humans away and keep warm during the Ice Age. The Others are for comfort and to keep intact with friends and family. The phone and portable cell tower are also for emergency call if you are in danger.

Other things to know.

The most dominant organisms back then were the humans stay clear of them though they are going to attack you. The climate changed rapidly back then but make sure you just have warm clothes because the Ice Age is freezing. The environment was pretty rough but after the Ice Age it got pretty smooth also.

What should I see?

"Hey Bill can I tell them what to see" NO I am the host so I get to ok! "fine". So what you should see is the glaciers and the villages it is really beautiful. Oh and don't forget the mammoths and other extinct animals.

Our Directors and Builders Bill, Stewie , and Cardboard Jerry.

Guaranteed to not fail or hurt you.