Douglas MacArthur

Comander of the United States Army Forces By: Daniel Fields

General MacArthur

A child to an Army Officer, Douglas MacArthur learned at a very young age how to shoot a gun. He then went to West Point Army Academy, most likely influenced to do so by his father. At the Academy he learned Leadership much as a Military Officer should. The leadership traits most valued by the United States Armed Forces are integrity, respect, honor, excellence, as well as many others.

I try to show respect, and honor when I talk to people. I try to not compromise my integrity even when no one is looking, as well as strive for excellence in everything I do.

He was a junior Officer when The First World War broke out, forcing him to quickly become a strong leader. He led the 42nd Division in France during The First World war. After his service in the First World War he went on to train other young men in the art of Leadership when he became the superintendent of West Point. When the Japanese were starting to become more aggressive in World War II he was sent to ensure the security of the Philippines. Though their forces were closing around he wanted to stay with his soldiers, and only left when he was ordered to do so. He was committed to his men, making his men committed to him. This form of mutual trust and respect allowed him to be the leader he was.

Respect was the most useful trait for MacArthur because the intense respect that he shares with his men influenced him to choose missions that would not risk their lives unless he had to.

Though he was in the United States Army and I want to be in the United States Air Force, I want to be able to have his same leadership skills. If I become a Flight Commander, I want the other pilots to trust my decisions even if they do not understand my motives like his soldiers did for him.

Though not being required to show all Leadership traits, leaders have to be able to show some or they may lose their positions, like when MacArthur did not show respect towards Truman's decision in not bringing China into the Korean War, MacArthur publicly said he was going to drop 30-40 Atomic Bombs on Red China. Truman relieved MacArthur of his duty.

To be a better leader, I need to be more outgoing. I tend to not talk to someone if I don't know them. I need to become more confident around other people. I need to learn about what I'm leading to be able to lead people in.

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