The Endocrine System

Only The Facts

The Organs

The list of organs include

the pituitary gland [the central control of the endocrine system]




adrenal glands


Levels of organisation


the endocrine cell keeps homosatsis by sending hormones to another cell[for ex the pancreas cell keeps the level of blood sugar by sending insulin in the blood stream]


forms the organs in the system which makes up the organs[picture is tissue of a pancreas]


the pancreas which controls the blood sugar in your body by making insulin

Organ System

This is the endocrine system which is operating by controlling the level of hormones in your body though the blood stream


A organism that has all of the systems and can fully operate and survive


The way the endocrine system controls homeostasis is it controls the level of horomones in the body

A Illness or Disease is caused by when a gland makes too much or doesn't make too much hormones it causes a misbalance of what the hormone is trying to control

for ex when a misbalance of insulin happens in a pancreas a amount of blood sugar is either too high or too low giving someone type 1 diabetes[or type 2]


the endocrine system interacts with the reproductive system because it has the ovaries and testes which gives reproductive hormones which both systems share the reproductive organs and is connected to the nervous system because the brain is included in the e endocrine system which for both is the control center for the systems

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