Second Grade Rock Stars

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Tuesday, March 14th, 9am

3800 Del Paso Road

Sacramento, CA

Come see the WCS Second Graders' Living Wax Museum from 9:00-9:40 am in and around the cafeteria!

Where people from the past come back to life!

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Coming on Tour Soon:

  • 03/06: Lottery Night (5:30 pm in the Cafeteria on the DP campus)
  • 03/09: WAVE Coffee Talk (9:00 am on the DP Campus)
  • 03/09: WCS Board Meeting (6:30 pm on the PW campus)
  • 03/10: Talent Show (6:00 pm in the NP3 gym)
  • 03/12: Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward one hour!
  • 03/13-03/17: Parent Teacher Conference Week - Early Dismissal All Week
  • 03/14: People Who Made a Difference Living Wax Museum from 9:00-9:40 am Come see your Second Grader Make History Come Back to Life! Invite the grandparents, neighbors, and whoever else you would like to this amazing showcase of their learning!
  • 03/14: Pi Day π
  • 03/31: Spirit Day: Culture Day
  • 04/01: International Festival (3:00-7:00 pm on Del Paso Campus) Are you interested in hosting a Cultural Booth? Donating a dessert for our Dessert Walk? Volunteering for a shift at the event? Bidding on a raffle basket? Find out how to do all this, and more, by going to the website.
  • 04/06: Picture Day
  • 04/06: WAVE Board Meeting (6:30-7:30 pm on DP Campus)
  • 04/07: Spirit Day: Career Day
  • 04/10-04/21: No School: Spring Break
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Conferences are coming up!

Don't forget to sign up for conferences! Your child should also be available for that time since they are helping to lead the conference!

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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

We have been hard at work researching and writing! As we continue to proceed through our People Who Made a Difference unit, students are gathering more information about their people. Students are almost done with the main portion of their biographies and are working on turning those biographies into first person scripts. It is phenomenal to see their biographies starting to come together, the hard work exhibited in class, and the discussions taking place about editing and revising tips between students! You should feel very proud of your rock star!

In math, we have been assessing and working on breaking down word problems and getting to solutions using a variety of strategies. I am looking forward to meeting with you during conference week, sharing all about your child's progress, highlighting the mathematical strengths, and providing resources for specific areas of need for your individual child.

In reading, we have been reading articles, biographies, and stories about People Who Made a Difference. We have been comparing and contrasting, pulling out information, and even looking for bias. We've discussed a lot about how authors portray the people and events they write about and also parts that are left out of stories. Students are beginning to identify how their Difference Maker is similar and different to other Difference Makers we are studying. It's incredible to see the amount of connections that students are making between time periods, people, organizations, events, struggles, and how Difference Makers worked toward positive change.

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Rockin' and Rollin' into the Future!

Math: Money, Money, Money...Money! Get those coins ready! It's time to go shopping with cents!

Reading: We will continue to learn about non-fiction text features and pulling information to support our reasoning. We also will continue to research about our Difference Maker!

Writing: Students will be working on writing non-fiction components of their biography book about their Difference Maker. We will be making our cover pages, epigraphs, glossary, about the author page, and our table of contents. We will also continue in the writing process toward publishing our writing on our Difference Maker.

Social Studies: People Who Made a Difference Unit! Students research Difference Makers and how they made a positive difference in the world. We will be working on how to give a great speech by using expression, pausing, and movements while speaking.

Spelling: Click for the Spelling Word List and Challenge Word List

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Questions to ask your child...

  • What connection do you have with your Difference Maker who you are researching?
  • What other Difference Makers can you tell me about?
  • What character traits would you say your Difference Maker shows? What makes you say that?
  • Can you tell me about the Polar Bear March?
  • Can you show me how to add $1.26 and $2.45 using pennies, dimes, and dollars?
  • Can you show me how to subtract 35 cents from $1.83 using pennies, dimes, and dollars?
  • Have you answered the Math Monday problem? Click Here to answer it!
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Resources and Readings:

  • Check out PBS's Child Development Tracker to help your child as they continue to grow. Click on the age and activity at the top. There are tons of tips for anything you might want to help your child on- from character traits, emotional needs, social skills, or academic reinforcements. A great place to start is the age 8 math or age 8 responsibility.
  • Looking for nearby resources? Take a look at Sacramento Parent's Resource Guide to find after-school activities, child care, day and night camps, and much more!
  • Take a break from the TV and enjoy an old time night of listening to a great adventure on the radio! Or listen to it on the car ride! Or enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning listening to it since it is put on by Saturday Morning Theatre. Kids will love the Mysterious Mysteries of Toby Taylor or any other one of their shows.
  • Have a picky eater? Get them wanting to eat by getting them in the kitchen! Take a peek at Food Network's Cooking with Kids recipes and tips or the Cooking with Kids website. Kids who help cook can follow written directions, are better at fraction values, understand quantities, are generally more healthy eaters and have closer bonds with those that they cook with. Who knows, maybe as your kiddos get older, they will end up cooking you a meal every once in a while!
  • Have your kiddo learn or "travel" about the world and work on listening for specifics by playing the Virtual Traveller Game.

Next Year at Westlake

Don't forget to log-on to to get to know the roads, the rules and the core values associated with driving to school next year. This page has all the rules for driving to and from school, as well as, a unique video and a colorful map you can study to find your way. This is very important information, and the sooner we all begin to plan and practice our commute, the more prepared we will be to start the year off with meeting our goal of creating a safe walk to school for all kids!
Welcome to Polar Bear March

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