Martin News 11/8/13

Parent Teacher coferences

If you have not scheduled a parent teacher conference please contact me. The next scheduled date is Monday, 11/11/13. It has been great to speak with you about the growth of your children.

Thanksgiving Coin Drive

If you are able, please send in coins for our school-wide coin drive.

The money will buy turkey dinners for families in need. Coins are being collected now until Wednesday November 20th.

As a challenge have your child count the money that you are sending in to school and write it down on a post it. We can use this as an in class charting opportunity.

Watermelon Small moment stories

This week we took a different approach to our small moment stories. Students learned to look at the big idea as the watermelon, the topic of their story as the slice and the details as the watermelon seed. Please ask your child about the watermelon story he or she started this week. Also, as you are having discussions or doing an activity challenge your child to identify the whole watermelon, slice and seed of the activity.

Silent 'e'

Thanks to the electric company, our main phonics lesson for the week was brought to life by the videos below. We learned that silent 'e' is a ninja and that it changes everything when added to a word. We had a ball singing the tunes, after you sing along with your child ask about what the silent 'e' really does.

The Electric Company | Shock & Lin: "Silent E is a Ninja" | PBS KIDS GO!
James Iglehart - "Silent 'e'" Music Video (The Electric Company)

Important dates

  • 11/13 - Picture retake day
  • 11/13 - 826 Michigan writing field trip
  • 11/26 - Report cards go home
  • 11/27 - No School Thanksgiving break