Ms. Lee's Classroom News

January 15, 2016

Take Note...

NO SCHOOL on Monday!

Please make sure your kids have coats with them this time of year. One minute it can feel like spring and the next minute the temperature can drop and be REALLY cold outside. THANKS!


READING: I CAN make a poster and label the following text features: captions, bold print, table of contents, glossary, photographs, and maps.

WRITING: I CAN ask a question, form a hypothesis, describe my experiment,

conduct my experiment, record the results of my experiment, and write a conclusion!

I CAN write like a scientist!! (See Pictures Attached)

SPELLING: I CAN spell my core words this week: long, little, very, after, word(s).

LANGUAGE: I CAN capitalize proper nouns, including titles of books, in a sentence.

MATH: I CAN group data into categories based on similar attributes and sort the data using a Venn Diagram.

SCIENCE: I CAN identify and describe simple machines: lever, pulley, and ramp.


January 18: NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday)

January 20: Brag Tag Assembly 9:00 a.m.

Hardworking and Motivated keep trying and you don't give up!