Killian MS- Schedule Updates

Killian Counseling Department

Parents & Students,

First, we thank you for your patience and cooperation with the “waiting”. We have been working furiously on two master schedules for Killian and getting over 1000 schedules into Skyward, while registering new students, and balancing classes. We apologize if you have tried to contact us and we have not returned your calls or email promptly. This is many months of work condensed into the past two weeks for us. Now we need your help! There is a good chance that, in the “porting process”, there may be some coding errors. Please take time this weekend to check for errors. Schedules are now ready for viewing in Skyward. Please read the important information below regarding schedules first.


  1. Log in to Skyward Family/ Student Access. Select Schedule on the left side of the screen. Then you will see a list of your courses and the order of class periods.

  1. Look to see that you have the following classes & make sure it is the appropriate GRADE LEVEL.

    1. ELA/RDG (2 classes)

    2. MATH,

    3. SCIENCE,

    4. SOCIAL STUDIES (6th- CONT WLD, 7th- TX HIST, 8th- US HIST)

    5. ELECTIVES (2 of them)-- It may not be your 1st or 2nd choice

    6. PE (PHYS ED, SPORTS (boy or girl), or SPORTS TENNIS)


Check that you have 9 scheduled courses on your schedule.


1. Your schedule may change between now and the second week of school so that we can balance classes. (we are trying to keep class sizes as small as possible). Please do not get too attached to it.

2. We are NOT making changes in electives & academic courses unless there is an error. It is too late to change your mind. We have limited teaching staff and limited seats in the classes and no room to move around.

3. Killian does not accept teacher requests.

4. Virtual Students may have different classes than they had before choosing Virtual Learning. In some cases we had to choose a class for you from a limited list of classes with limited seating. We did our best to give you the best option we had.

  • Courses not available include: Outdoor Trails, Bridges / Forensics, Band /Office Aides. You may have Career Explorations instead.
  • All Art and Spanish classes are full.
  • There are no ADVANCED fine arts classes in Virtual Learning. Your directors know what group you are in and will let you know when they will be teaching your group.

5. We have many “in person” students that have conflicts that will require some VERY tough decisions. Please prioritize what is important to you. You will have to make changes & compromises in elective or academic classes. If there is a conflict in your schedule (that we know about), you should receive an email by Sunday morning. Your counselor will be reaching out to you Monday or Tuesday to find out your choice.

6. NEW students may not have a schedule yet. This will be updated early next week. We are sorry for the delay.

SCHEDULE ERRORS-- Do Not Reply to this email. To tell us about a problem-- fill out the form below.

If you see an ERROR- please fill out this form. We will try our best to get this resolved by the first day of class.


Next Monday or Tuesday-- you will start receiving WebEx invitations from your teachers.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for is on Wednesday, August 19th. You will be following the schedule by class period. Click Here to view the remote schedule.

You will meet your 1st period teacher at 9:00AM on Webex on the August 19th. You MUST be in attendance by Webex at 9:00AM to be counted "Present". Make sure you practice logging in with the information that Dr. Krol has sent out earlier in the week.

WebEx & Technology Resources Link

"IN PERSON" (Remote) LEARNING GUIDEBOOK-- Lots of detailed information!! Click below.


Next Monday or Tuesday-- you will start receiving WebEx invitations from your teachers.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for VIRTUAL Students is on Wednesday, August 19th. The schedule will be different then from the "remote" learners above. Virtual students will get their learning schedules before Wednesday. It is not ready to be released at at this time.

Click on the link below for times & access to the virtual (online) orientation below.

Virtual Orientation- Click Below for times