Julie of the Wolves

George, Jean Craighead

Emily Maurer

March 5, 2014



Miyax is a young, woman eskimo that ran away from her home. She is now lost deep in the North Slope of Alaska. In this barren land Miyax's only hope of survival is a wolf pack.


Kapungen is Miyax's eskimo father. He very tall, with broad shoulders, and giant hands. When she was young, he left her at her aunt's promising to return some day. He has yet to come back. While Miyax is still hopefull, everyone else believes him to be dead.


Amanoq is the leader of the wolf pack Miyax is trying to befriend. he has a gorgeus, flowing black coat, with eyes like yellow jewels. He is wise and cunning, with a great pride. He can be gentle, but can also he can be cruel. He is Amanoq the great wolf.


Kapu is Amanoq's pup. Kapu looks very similar to Amanoq, with a black coat and shining eyes. He is rambunctious and playful. He will some day be the leader of the pack, just like his great father.


The setting of this story takes place in the North Slope of Alaska. A barren, frozen land, that looks exactly alike everywhere. With no roads that cross it and civilization up to 800 miles away! The only living things around are the few and far between animals. With temperatures well below zero, not including wind and snow storms. Little shelter is available, this place is no place for humans to survive.


Miyax is a young eskimo girl that runs away from her home. As she travels she finds herself lost and has no idea where she is. Miyax is in the North Slope of Alaska, a harsh and cruel place, where only the fittest survive. Her only hope for survival is a wolf pack! As Miyax forms a relationship with the wolves she gives them names. Amanoq, leader of the pack; Silver, mother of the pups; Nails, Amanoq's trusted friend; and Jello, a lone wolf that babysits the pups. Now Miyax's bonds with the wolves is very strong, but she realizes the wolves will soon be moving. As she prepares herself to head to her original destination, the wolves prepare the pups for their winter life. The wolves have a last great feast the start to move, following the caribou. With food to last her Miyax packs up her camp and travels toward her destination. As Miyax sleeps Jello slips into her came and looks for the leftover meat she stored. It just so happens it is in her sack and tears everything into pieces! She gathers everything she can salvage and trecks on. A few moons later Miyax comes apon a grizzly bear! Just as the bear is about to charge, her wolf pack comes to the rescue and drives the bear away. That night as she sets up her camp she spies a golden plover! It hasn't migrated for the winter and is in need of some help. Miyax names him Tornait and tries to nurse him back to health. Then one day disaster strikes. A plane with hunter's comes and shoots at Miyax and her pack. they kill Armoq and badly injures Kapu. With sadness in her heart Miyax carves a wooden totem and asks Armoq's spirit to go into it. A few moons later Tornait dies. Kapu recover's and is now leader of the pack. Miyax has learned how to survive in the harsh environment and continues to life there, with her wolves!

Info on the Newbery Award

The award was designed by Rene Paul Chambellan in 1921. It is made of bronze, and inscribed on the medal is the "Childern's Librarians' Section." There is also the winner's name and the date on the back of the medal. Fredrick D. Melcher was the man that proposed the idea ,to the American Library Association, in 1921. The medal is named after the ,eighteenth century English author, John Newbery. The Newbery Award became the first children's book award in the world! To receive the award one must, "distinguish contribution to American literature" in a book for children. The Newbery Award is one of the most recognized award's in the world!!

Info about Jean Craighead George

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919, in Washington D.C. Her first books were on animal biographies. In 1941, she received her BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Before she became a full time author, she was a reporter for the "Washington Post" and the "Pagnent Magazine". In 1973 Jean won a Newbery Award with "Julie of the wolves", which was later a National Book Award Finalist!! Over the years, Jean and her children, raised and released over 170 wild animals!!! Jean died on May 15,2012, at the age of 92!

My Thoughts

I think Julie of the Wolves is an excellent book about an eskimo girl that gets lost in the wilderness. The story-line is genuinely refreshing and heart-warming. I think it fits the criteria perfectly for this award. It should be an award winning for its realism and special view point!