Ms. Collodora's News

Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 36


This week we practiced sm and sw beginning blends.

Reading and Writing

We learned about so many different habitats this week and what animals could live in those habitats. Each day we had a new habitat to learn about. We made a circle map each day and by the end of the day it was FULL! We read some stories and watched a BrainPop Jr. Video about each habitat and we took notes about what we had learned.

We learned about the rainforest, desert, arctic and ocean habitats!

We also learned about onomatopoeias this week. WOW did we have a noisy classroom :) The kids really grasped onto this concept but it took them a little while to realize they are not just animal sounds. CREEEEEAAAKK of a squeaky door, SPLASH into the pool and HONK for the horn of a car and so on. Once they realized what an onomatopoeia was, they pointed them out all over the place!


Graphs and more graphs! This week we started our graphing unit in Math. We have learned about so many graphs including how to make a graph, pictographs, and bar graphs! We also talked about grids and how to use and read them! We will continue this topic through next week, and we will look at other data and probability!


I'm mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures while we were engineering our hand pollinators! And what fun we had! We had some very challenging flowers to pollinate, including a Jack-in-the-Pulpit and a Bucket Orchid! It was messy and fun and really put our critical thinking skills to good use! This was our last engineering topic of 1st grade, so science folders and notebooks came home this week. I can't believe we are almost done!!

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Brooke was our Star Student this week.

Field Trip to Como Zoo:

Wednesday June 1st is the office date! If you'd like to come, let me know! The more the merrier! More information will come home with your kiddo next week!

Track and Field Day:

Just a reminder that this will be on Tuesday, May 31st.