Counselors' Corner

May Edition

We Made It To May!

Hey Students, let's DIG in! We have 6 weeks left and it's time to give it all you got!!!!!! STAAR TESTING, AP TESTING, SUMMER SCHOOL and GRADUATION! This month is full and sure to go by fast! There are no days off so let's demonstrate COURAGE! You can do it!
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STAAR TEST May 4-7th

Wisdom High School students take the STAAR Test beginning May 4th. These test are REQUIRED for GRADUATION! They are held ON CAMPUS In PERSON!!! Let's Rock this TEST and get 1 STEP closer to GRADUATION!!!! Your counselors have notified you if you are testing! Check your TEAMS!

May 4th- Biology STAAR

May 5th- US History STAAR

May 6th- Algebra 1 STAAR

May 7th- Makeup STAAR

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Course Request

Students in Grades 9-11 and Seniors that will not graduate on June 11th are asked to complete the Course request link. Remember you will be scheduled based on availability of the courses you select and graduation requirements including STAAR review courses. Your counselors will be by classes that are not testing to help students complete their request. If you have questions reach out to your counselor for guidance BEFORE you submit a request. If you do not submit a request classes will be chosen for you based on what you need for graduation. There are 2 videos to help you complete your request! Watch them before you complete the request. There is even a video in SPANISH!

Video in ENGLISH to help you complete Course Request

Video in Spanish to help you complete your Course request

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Character Trait for May - COURAGE

To have the confidence to meet a challenge, without giving into fear.

What does it look like?

Trying new things and ideas

Resisting peer pressure

Facing your challenges

What does it sound like?

"I will try it.”

“That’s not a good idea, I won’t do it.”

“I am not afraid.”

What's Happening Generals

Summer School

Wisdom High School will offer Summer School for Credit Recovery and possibly some original credit classes as well as enrichment activities. Summer School begins June 17th and will go through July 8th. Counselors will schedule students in classes that they have failed or earned an NG. You cannot have more than 2 absences or you will be dropped from summer school.
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