Change in Mask Policy at LLCS

Please Review Changes That Go Into Effect Tomorrow - 9/28

September 27, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We were notified by the New York State Department of Health that we are required to change our mask-wearing policy. This is a directive from NYS DOH and Gov. Hochul and was communicated to all Hamilton County schools by Hamilton County Public Health.

As a result beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, September 28, the following mask-wearing policies will be in place for the school day: Students, staff and visitors in the building will wear their masks at all times with the exception of when they are eating, drinking, singing or playing a wind instrument. Additional breaks will be given at the discretion of staff or as required based on individual needs.

The good news is that students and staff can continue to remove their masks while they are outside. We recognize our warm weather months are limited, but we are fortunate to have great outside spaces on our campus.

I recognize fully that this is a change in how we have done things and it will take an adjustment. This is, however, not an option for us.

Our students and staff have been phenomenal about mask-wearing, and I am grateful to you as parents/guardians for your support throughout this time period. I hope that with continued progress on the vaccination front, continued access to testing, and a continued low positivity rate in Hamilton County that we find ourselves in a situation where we can loosen the mask restrictions to what we previously had in place. Until then, we are required to meet this mandate, just like all public schools across New York State, and I am grateful to have a team of students, teachers, staff, parents, board members, and community members that will rally to make that happen.

Please also know that we have a supply of masks at school, both cloth and disposable, that are available as needed. Our students and staff know that whenever they need a mask that the office is ready to help them out. If a student needs a change in mask during the day, we can help with that, or if you have masks that your child likes wearing most, we encourage you to send in some extras so they can have them in their locker or classroom.

Please reach out with any questions. As always, I appreciate your continued support.


Ms. Noelle J. Short


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