Digital Flyer 1880-1920

Should we be proud or ashamed of American society?


The working class grew and the conditions which they worked worsened, there were a lot of reforms in this time. Immigrants came for a better life, they worked hard in factories and mills, I am ashamed that there was child labor; where children would work 60 hour weeks and get paid no more then one dollar. No child should have to go through that.


Many immigrants came to America in search for a better lifestyle, and seeking greater economic activity, I am ashamed because of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act; it was a federal law, and one of the most significant restrictions on free immigration prohibiting all Chinese laborers.


Migration went from rural to urban, economically during WWI there was the migration of african americans, there was also new inventions that tied in from the industrial revolution. This made me proud because with the rural population it increased agricultural efficiency.


The nineteenth amendment, which gave women the right to vote, it became part of the U.S. constitution. It made the economy a better place because there was more diversity, it caused a lot of controversy socially among everyone, I think it was for the best.


America had ideas about expansion, we needed markets for goods, but economically too much expansion and too many people could destroy land. America needed expansion because there are so many people coming in, especially immigrants.

World War I

WWI, known as the great war and extensive system of trenches and warfare from which men of both sides fought, the economy was in recession when the war began, I am proud because they were also trying to have economic activity. Trench warfare and wartime changed soldiers feelings, it was hard on them, they were changed emotionally and physically.