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Celebrate Digital Learning Day 2016!

Digital Learning Day is Wednesday, February 17th!

This is the day that we explore the state of digital learning in our nation. Join this celebration to promote effective digital teaching and learning in NC schools!

Weigh in using #DLDayACCESS or join a live webcast.

Come by the media center during your planning period to get in on the Twitter sessions!

Digital Learning All Day @ SSES

Let us know what you are doing in your classroom! Are you using technology in your teaching practice? All classroom teachers should be able to comment about how the Brightlink projector is utilized. We look forward to your comments!

Visit and click on "comment" to give us a quick note about the digital learning activities that are happening in your classroom.

We are launching our eBook Awareness Month!


Log in using your Windows username and password.

Click on Follett Shelf to explore featured eBooks, audiobooks, interactive eBooks, and digital resource links.

Resources R Us!

Please remember to utilize the rich digital resources that we have in DPS! Check out, and DPS Destiny.

Use Destiny's Universal Search and WebPath Express to access a wide array of digital resources. We have published videos on how to search for books using Destiny. Look for more videos on how to use Universal Search and WebPath Express. In the meantime, please come by the media center for a quick tutorial.

Chromebook Mobile Labs

4 Laptop Mobile Labs now circulate via hallway and/or department. In addition, we now have 2 Chromebook Mobile Labs that circulate for classroom use. Please take a look at the calendar on the Media Center page or come by the media center to check availability.