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Calendar Of Events

September 25- No School/ Staff Development Day

September 26-29-Book Fair

September 26- Kinder, 1st, 4th, 5th Parent Night 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

September 27- Donuts with Dads

September 29- Birthday Friday/$1 Jeans Day

October 6- Big Kahuna Delivery Day

From The Principal

Ways to Help Your Child's Reading Success

K-2- Practice sight words every day

Read with them 20 minutes a night

Ask "WH" questions,

Who? What happened?, What do you think will happen next? Why do you think the character reacted in that way? Why do you think the author used that word? What is the setting? Does the setting change? Did the character change? What is the conflict in the story?

When students read, they learn new vocabulary and are exposed to new ideas. You can encourage reading by going to the library, read books as a family, talk about books you see online, and model reading your own books.

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Book Fair

Our Book Fair begins Tuesday. If you would like your child to purchase items, please put their money in an envelope or ziploc bag with the name on the bag. Tax is added, so please account for that when sending money. Parents are welcomed to visit the book fair with their student. It will be open at 7:30 each morning and close at 2:00 each day

Counselor's Connection

Be Courageous!

Parents, it takes courage for your kids to be leaders and do the right thing. Courage can look like:

- Standing up for yourself

- Finding ways to help others

- Following rules even when no one is watching

- Standing up for others

From the Nurse

5 ways to keep active each day

One hour of exercise

Scheduled activities

Family time = active time

Limited screen time

Get involved in a sports league