January/February Reading Challenge

Looking for a Challenge in 2016?

Mrs. Healy has created another reading challenge for the months of January and February.

Your task is to complete a 20 point or 30 point challenge. You can use any combination of the tasks below. For example: You want to complete a 30 point challenge

You read the following:

1-5 point task (a novel in a series)

1-10 point task(a novel about an important time in history)

1-15 point task (a book with a winter word in the title)


30 points!

5 Point Tasks:

● Read a magazine. Check out our display of magazines in the media center

● Read a book about a Relationship/Romance in honor of Valentine’s Day

● Read a novel that is part of a series

● Read a book set in the summer

● Read a book with a blue cover

10 Point Tasks:

• Read a book your friend loves

● Read a book found on MackinVia

● Read a book with an African American main character in honor of Black History Month

● Read a novel about an important time in history

● Re-read a book. Stop by the library and pick up a favorite book to re-read.

● Read a novel in verse or a book of poetry

15 Point Tasks:

● Read a 350+ page book

● Read an award-winning novel (like the Maud Hart Lovelace Books or a Newbery Book)

● Read a book with a winter word in the title (ex. snow, blizzard, cold, winter)

● Read a book from one of the displays that Mrs. Healy has created

● Read a book by an author who shares part of your name (first, middle, or last)


  • The challenge will run from January 4, 2016-February 29, 2016.

  • If you started a book in December and you are still reading and it fits a category above, it can count towards the challenge, but nothing prior to December counts. We need to be challenging ourselves to read!

  • You may only use 1 Book for each task and that book can only be used for 1 category.

  • Each book must be at least 100 pages long. Audiobooks are fine, as long as the print versions meet the page requirements.

  • Either electronically keep track of your books or fill out the book log. When you have completed this challenge, make sure to drop off your book log or make sure talk to Mrs. Healy.

  • Prizes will be given from a random drawing of students who completed the challenge!

  • If you have other questions, feel free to see Mrs. Healy in the media center.

  • Other than these rules just have fun!

Use this address to get access to the online book log:


Mrs. Healy's Reading Challenge Books


Stop by the Media Center & Get Started Reading Today!