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Want to win Angry Birds every time?

Wouldn't it be awesome to always win? Through a collaboration between Physical Science and Math 1, students could study the laws of energy, movement, and gravitational pull as it relates to quadratics. For an extension to Career Management, research could be done to explore the gaming industry.

There's an app for that?

Isn't there an app for everything these days? Through a collaboration between Earth Science, Multimedia, and English, students would choose a science based topic and create their own application! Students could choose water conservation, environmental studies, or ecology to create an app to bring awareness toward a topic directly related to their interest or passion. Students would work in conjunction with their English teacher to create a presentation to announce their new app! For an extension, students could enter an app competition.

Where in the world?

How can GPS constantly know your location and immediately re-route you? Through a collaboration between Earth Science and Math 2, students would use their knowledge of trigonometric ratios to understand the basic components of GPS. Students would then use this information to complete geocaching challenges around campus! For an extension, look to hosting a geocaching event or even hosting a capture the flag game!
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How much cord?

Ever wondered how much cord or tension is needed for people to bungee jump? How do they make it work a variety of weights while still ensuring safety and exhilaration? Students can work through a Foundations of Math 1 or Math 1 and any science course to explore this idea. Students would use the basic ideas of tables and functions coupled with their ability to design, implement and test their idea about bungee jumping and the amount of cord needed. Students would then put it to the test utilizing a Barbie and rubber bands! Do NOT encourage children to bungee jump as an example!
World's Highest Bungee Jump ᴴᴰ (Backwards!)

Fashion 101

This lesson spans visual arts, English, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. Students are challenged to design a garment for production within specific parameters. Students must account all costs, garment types, location of production, supply/demand, marketing, and out the door sales. Check out the link below to see a hook video and an actual math challenge!