Colorado is an amazing state with so many wonderful things to offer. You will learn about some fun facts the many resources that it offers. Some cool land forms location and a few neat places that you can visit. I hope that you learn a lot about colorado and will come enjoy the centennial state


Colorado has many interesting things such as the state capital,state animal and state fish.This fabulous state has many cool fish the state fish is the Green Back Cut Throat Trout .Wow that is a that is a big name for a fish.The state animal is really big there is a lot of big animals in Colorado and the state animal is the bighorn sheep.The state capital is Denver.Did you know the Denver Broncos are there?


Colorado has many resources including many crops and livestock. Important field crops are wheat, corn, hay, beans, grain, sorghum, potatoes and sugar beats. Cattle and calves are a driving force in Colorado agricultural.


Colorado is located in a very interesting spot. It is located in the south. It is surrounded by other states. The country north of Colorado is Wyoming. And the state south of it is new mexico. And the state west of it is Utah. And the state east of it is Kansas. And there is no water by Colorado. Highest elevation 14,433 above sea water Arkansas river. Here are some interesting places to visit. The rocky mountain national park you can snow shoe, sled, hike, and wild life viewing. Glen wood hot springs resort has a pool you can swim and relax. I really want to go there some time.

Fun places to visit

Colorado has lots of fun places to visit. You can visit the Rocky Mountain to snow shoe, sled, hike, skiing, snow boarding,mounting biking, and view wild life. You can also go to Glen Wood Hot Springs to swim and relax. There is one other place to visit. It is called Mesa Verde National Park. You can see the largest cliff dwelling park and archaeological sites from the era of Pueblo people who lived there from 600-1300. This park includes campgrounds, hiking, museums & cultural exhibits.


Colorado is a fabulous state to visit. I have told you about a few couple fun facts some of its land forms a couple of the resources ,it has two places that you can visit i hope you could come to Colorado some time