Civil Rights Weekly

By Josie and Owen

Jim Crow Must Go

Jim Crow Laws seen to have taken over America. These laws supported segregation and took African American rights away. These laws would even separate water fountains, train cars, parks, hospitals etc. People thought these were "fair" laws. All they did was tear America apart.

Segregation Story

The state of Louisiana passed a law in 1890 that segregated railroad cars. Two years later, Homer Plessy defied this law and sat in a "white" railroad car. The Supreme Court decided that Plessy was guilty. One judge disagreed. John Marshall Harlan said that it was wrong to accuse Plessy.

Women's Sufferage

Women's Suffrage was a big problem, but like most problems, it was resolved. It took 75 years, but, the hard work paid off. The nineteenth amendment stated that "The right of citizens to vote shall not be denied of abridged ( limited ) by the sex (of a person)." The 19th amendment was approved by two thirds of the states (36) and Tennessee was the 36th state to approve. Two days after the approval of Tennessee the 19th amendment was added to constitution.

Jobs For Women

Many women in the mid to late 1800s were homemakers, which means that all they did was cook, clean, and care for their children and husbands. But many women wanted to change this. They wanted to become doctors and lawyers or have other jobs. Some women would have the privilidge to work in a restaurant or farm. By 1900 4 million women were working in other jobs.
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Helped Susan B Anthony find the national women suffrage association in 1869.